Are you a Shopper who travels far and wide for the best farm products?

Free Membership for 2020, it is crucial to let us know if GPS does not locate your farm, as we will need to include the latitude and longitude to mark you on the map so that shoppers can find you. If you are family is would like to be on our map using only the town and state that you are located in, we can do that. It will pin a random address on the map in that town.  
“Get on the MAP” - FREE Package:

 We will place a pin for your farm name and address on our interactive map;


 A Social Media Announcement when we pin your farm; and any additional information you provide us (products, hours, email, phone, etc) will be used to answer questions for shoppers who reach out to our office. 
Basic Membership for 2020  - $30 Annual Package

Our Basic Membership package is designed for farmers who would like to be included in our promotions and advertisements. We use the information provided by you to answer customer questions and provide for our delivery services. 

 All of the benefits of the  “Get on the MAP” FREE Package;


 We may send a secret shopper to your farm once during the season to report back their findings so that we can make you a list of ideas to help increase sales and customer interaction;


 An individual profile page will be created for your farm featuring up to 5 farm photos. Content for this page will be created during a 30-minute phone interview with a Shop Small Farms LLC team member; and


 You can add the “Mobile Market” and “Consultant Call/Video Chat” opportunities to your package at any time during the season. 
“Mobile Market” Upgrade - $40/Month – Add on to the Basic Membership Package


 A once per week email/phone call to check on what products you currently have available to advertise and place for sale on our website.


 You can list up to 5 different items on our mobile site for sale. We require a minimum of one photo of the potential item to be sold and a good description of the item. These items must be legal for sale from your farm, and could include: meat (with proof of licensure), livestock, fruit, vegetables, processed foods (with proof of licensure), baked goods (with proof of licensure), dairy products (with proof of licensure), nuts, etc.


 Whatever price you tell us you would like for the product will be the price we will charge customers plus 7% and shipping (unless the item is picked up on the farm or delivered – please let us know your delivery fee). The 7% is the fee to assist with covering marketing, editing, posting, and communicating with customers and yourself. If you are in our home delivery CSA’s the we will mark your prices up 15% to accommodate the additional physical handling and delivering of the product.


 Mention on social media during posts about your farm and products you currently have for sale on our website. This generally happens once per month, but additional advertising can be purchased based on needs. 


 Opportunity to send us a photo and farm update monthly that we can share with potential customers on Social Media



“Consultant Call/Video Chat” - starts at $50 for a half hour and goes up from there depending on your time needs and hands on interaction.


 Our consulting team is based out of several locations across the United States. Depending on your current needs, will pair you with our expert in that area. Farm Management, Marketing, Sales, Employee Retention and Management, Customer Service, Managing Finances, Reducing Overhead, FDA/USDA Compliance, etc.


Silver Membership for 2020 - $120 
This package is designed for the farmer who would like us to reach out to you on a monthly basis. We also provide you with an early release copy of our annual farm journal. This book is geared to helping you track the production on your farm and become more profitable.


 All the benefits of the “Get on the Map” package


 All the benefits of the “Basic Membership”


 An early release copy of our Farm Journal with a 30-minute phone or video consultation with our Agronomy consultant.


 A once a month 20-30 minute call to see what is new on your farm so that we can promote your farm with potential customers. 
Gold Membership for 2020 - $600 
This package is designed for the farmer who would like us to reach out to you on a monthly basis. And would like to prepay for consultation time at a discounted rate.


 All the benefits of the “Get on the Map” package


 All the benefits of the “Basic Membership”


 All the benefits of the Silver Membership


 Five hours of consulting time that you can spread out over the year or use all at once. We require a minimum of 30 minutes at a time. You will have the option to do the call by phone or by video. Clearance for on-farm visits will be given once Coronavirus is a little more under control. Different consultants will require a travel fee as they may not be close to your farm. 


If you are a part of a Co-op or other Farm Focused Non-Profit and would like to learn more about membership for your entire group, please reach out to our sales team at We will be happy to talk to you about discount pricing, special services and more.

Put your farm on the map!

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DISCLAIMER: Small Farms Featured on the Portal have not been verified as Small Farms according to USDA Standards. We also DO NOT Verify that each individual small farm is certified/licensed or otherwise permitted to sell in their specific area. We have asked each farm to give a listing of their certifications/licenses to be featured on the farmer's individual page so that as a consumer, you can be your own judge and make informed decisions about what you are purchasing. When in doubt, please ask the Farmer!