To Fodder or not?!?

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

It can be really fun to own a house rabbit! But rabbits aren't the only animal to benefit from fodder.

What you will need:

  • Seeds (we like winter Rye or wheat)

  • Water

  • Light

  • Soil (a nice healthy potting type)

  • Container, we use these

Start by putting a single square of tissue paper in your white tray with holes. This will keep the dirt that you are about to add from falling out. Next put 1/4" of soil in the white tray and squish it flat using the green bottom.

Now you have a setup for your favorite type of grass. You are going to put down a lot more seeds than you are likely used too. It should end up looking like you placed a single layer blanket of seeds down on your dirt. Once you are happy with your seed placement, use the green tray to press them down in the dirt.

I wait to add water until the seeds are all nice and settled. I spray the top and add about 1/2" of water to the green tray then place it under the white one. You can stop there and just put the lid on and wait, but if you add weight to the top of the seeds, they will grow faster and more evenly. We use the lid upside down with a couple cans of soup in it for weight.

On day 4 you should be able to uncover your seeds and place them in the light. It will be ready for feeding in 6-8 days.

Fodder trays are also an option for folks that own small dogs and need emergency potty stations in the house. Just use a tray large enough for your animal to comfortably squat on. Then take the trays out to your yard, or your favorite compost spot once you don't need them.

Need more help? Reach out and we will have one of the Shop Small Farms LLC consulting team work with you.

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